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Take a Chance on Your Wacky Ideas
by Sami Bayrakci

Take a Chance on Your Wacky IdeasOne day, in the summer of 2007, I was shopping online for a present for a friend's birthday. After trying search engines, browsing dozens of gifts stores for almost two hours, I came up empty. Nothing, no idea what to buy. That's when the SomethingStore idea hit me; what if someone selected a fun, interesting item as gift and made my life much easier. Simply there would be online store, people would pay a flat price, we would ship them their product and they would find out what they purchased when they received it the mail.

Crazy! Who would pay to receive random stuff? Most of friends rejected the idea immediately.

I asked myself "what do I have to lose?". Let me try it. So I did. I built the SomethingStore website, purchased some products and started it of from my spare bedroom in Brooklyn, NY on October, 2007. Being just before Christmas shopping season and thanks to word of mouth from the early adapters, the word spread quickly. We sold 1,500 boxes in the first two months. Next year was better; I moved the business to a real office, then the media took notice. We were featured in major outlets such as BusinessWeek, Inc Magazine, NPR (National Public Radio), Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News and many more. SomethingStore has also been featured in the book (Pow! Right Between the Eyes) and has been case study for Wharton Business School MBA students. Now we're getting close to shipping out the 50,000th box soon. We've even gone global; our products have been shipped to over 60 countries to date and the number is growing.

So if you have an idea, that's sitting on the back of your brain, in the "crazy" or "wacky" folder, don't wait any more. Give it shot, try it. I have firsthand experience that you really have nothing to lose, even it fails. Because we want and need crazy ideas, wacky and fun businesses.

Go ahead, just do it. Good luck!

We have something for everyone. What will yours be?
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