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SomethingStore on ComedyCentral's Tosh.O
by SomethingStore

Tosh.O was recently featured ComedyCentral's Tosh.O.

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SomethingStore on CNN Money
by SomethingStore

CNN was recently featured on
"After an hour of browsing, he decided it would be much nicer if somebody would just make the decision for him. The idea for was born: a customer would pay a flat price for an unknown item."

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World's Weirdest White Elephant Gift
by SomethingStore

myEdu LogoOur friends at are holding a cool contest called "World's Weirdest White Elephant Gift" and giving, what else, but somethings from SomethingStore as gifts to top 10 voted participants.

Click on the myEdu logo, or here, to post the weirdest white elephant gift you've received or vote for the weird gifts other people have received.

Unique Birthday Gift Idea: Surprise Something Box
by Sami Bayrakci

Unique Birthday Gift Idea: Surprise BoxHaving trouble finding a fun, clever product as a birthday gift? I did, too, and I started a company around that idea, even though it seemed a little wacky, it worked and it worked well: welcome to SomethingStore!

SomethingStore sells suprise gift boxes that recipients only find out the contents when they received their packages in the mail. Our items make perfect unique birthday gift as even the gift giver doesn't know what it is, doubling the fun. When selecting our products we make sure they're fun, interesting and represent real value so we can deliver our promise of "the joy of surprise".

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Take a Chance on Your Wacky Ideas
by Sami Bayrakci

Take a Chance on Your Wacky IdeasOne day, in summer of 2007, I was shopping online for a present for a friend's birthday. After trying search engines, browsing dozens of gifts stores for almost two hours, I came up empty. Nothing, no idea what to buy. That's when the SomethingStore idea hit me; what if someone simply selected a fun, interesting item as gift and made my life much easier. Simply there would be online store, people would pay a flat price, we would ship them their product and they would find out what they purchased when they received it the mail.

Crazy! Who would pay to receive random stuff? Most of friends rejected the idea immediately.

I asked myself "what do I have to lose?". Let me try it. So I did. I built the SomethingStore website, purchased some products and started it of from my spare bedroom in Brooklyn, NY on October, 2007. Being just before Christmas shopping season and thanks to word of mouth from the early adapters, the word spread quickly. We sold 1,500 boxes in the first two months. Next year was better; I moved the business to a real office, then the media took notice. We were featured in major outlets such as BusinessWeek, Inc Magazine, NPR (National Public Radio), Los Angeles, NY Daily News and many more.

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The Wharton Business School Study on SomethingStore
by Sami Bayrakci
Wharton Business School

MBA students from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania have contacted for a study they're doing on our business and this their work.

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SomethingStore Has Shipped to Over 60 Countries
by Sami Bayrakci

We're proud to announce that SomethingStore has customers now in more 60 countries around the globe. We started shipping internationally in mid 2008 and in two years have delivered surprise boxes everywhere; from small Mediterranean island country of Malta to Indonesia. If you live outside of United States, check out this page to find out how you get your own something:
SomethingStore | International
Below is the list of countries we have shipped to, arranged by the number of orders sent:
United Kingdom

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Site Update: Reviews, New Homepage
by Sami Bayrakci

We have just updated our website with a slight redesign of our homepage and by adding three new sections. Check them out, let us know if you have any question or if you find any errors:

Customer Reviews:
Actual customer reviews collected by Google Wallet from SomethingStore customers.

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Over 1,000 Somethings Have Been Sold
by Sami Bayrakci
Over 1000 Somethings Have Been Sold

Just before the dawn of our first month since the launch, we have reached another milestone: Over 1,000 “somethings” have been ordered! Thank you very much, to all those who have ordered, told their friends/family/colleagues about SomethingStore, and mentioned about us on their websites.

As we're getting off the ground, we are very carefully listening to your feedback and taking steps to improve our service, every day. While almost everybody liked our idea, some reviews on our execution were mixed: Some people loved their something, while others did not care about theirs so much, which is understandable. Mainly, some buyers have suggested that we could improve on shipping times, variety of the merchandise as well as quality of the items. We acknowledge that we have a lot of room for improvements on every aspect of our business and we are trying our best to accomplish them.

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Selling Something Is Not Easy :)
by Sami Bayrakci

It's Friday and a little humor is in order. Selling something is not easy as the title says and as demonstrated here by this gentleman. An old video of a shopping channel blooper that's just too funny:

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Upcoming Changes at SomethingStore
by Sami Bayrakci

We're making some changes and adding new features that we wanted to inform our blog readers of:

Ordering Multiple "Somethings"
We have received orders as high as 10 somethings per person (Thank you, David). So it means you guys want more! We will be adding multiple somethings option to our order page soon. You will be able select 1, 2 or 3 somethings per order.

Surprise A Friend
Our idea was to for our visitors to surprise themselves. But, some of you have asked to be able to send "something" someone else.

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Cool News!
by Sami Bayrakci
SomethingStore is selected as the "Cool Site of the Day", by none other than, for November 10th. We're very excited. We thank the editors of the site for the honor and we hope you will come and vote for us tomorrow.

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Over 100 Somethings Sold
by Sami Bayrakci
Over 100 somethings sold! Today we achieved a small but significant milestone: Over 100 somethings have been sold! Many thanks to those who have ordered. Hopefully, this will be a start to many more milestones to come. Missed the first 100?

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(PR): Now You Really Can Buy Anything on the Internet
by Sami Bayrakci

UPDATE (November 2nd) : Published by and PR Leap

A New York-based Online Startup Gives a New Meaning to “Something”: A Mysterious, Random Item You Can Buy Which Can Be Anything.

Brooklyn, NY - October 31, 2007 -- A new website rolled out this week called, based in New York, sells 'something' a randomly selected, mysterious product which can be anything and the recipients only find out what it is when they receive it.

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Started Sending Somethings
by Sami Bayrakci
SomethingStore is off to a decent start; thanks to 23 'early adopters' and many more to come. Thanks guys and gals! We've started sending your somethings and you should receive them soon. We are updating Something Tracker page with highlights from recent shipments.

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SomethingStore Is Here
by Sami Bayrakci
SomethingStore LaunchesAn idea: Offer the good people of World Wide Web something. Let them not know what it is until they get it. After all, if anything can be sold on the Internet, why not something? Is it dumb? Or is it brilliant? Something in between? We couldn't decide. Here is so you can decide.

We registered our name, over a year ago. Since then we fine-tuned our strategy, filled our little warehouse with many different somethings, and spent some quality procrastination periods.

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