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Holiday Shopping Updates
by Sami Bayrakci

Order up to 20 Somethings at Once
We have increased the number of items you can order at once to 20 somethings (in the United States) per customer demand. Each item will be different, packed separately in invisible boxes or poly bags, so contents will not be revealed until each item is opened. You can, of course, order as many items as you'd like. If you're ordering more than 20, please contact us and we will send you a convenient email invoice.

Guaranteed Fun, Guaranteed Value
We are continuing to improve the quality of items in our inventory and are now happy offer a value guarantee. Simply, each something will have over $10 in value (MSRP or list price) or we will refund the difference. So, order today.

Christmas Shipping Cutt-off Times
In order to ensure delivery by December 25th, please order by:
In United States: December 20.
In Canada: December 10.
Other Countries: December 5.

Happy Holidays!

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