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I ordered my first something, not knowing what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised when I received a cute pair of dachshund salt and pepper shakers! The really neat thing about this is that I have a dachshund and the shakers were so appropriate for me as a personalized gift.

I am very pleased with the quality of the item and highly recommend the "Something" site to anyone who is interested in the fun experience of ordering something with no idea of what you're going to receive as a result.

I will definitely be a frequent customer of the Something Store!
Jennifer McLin Ramirez

I won a contest through MacroBucks and they sent me two 'somethings'.
Now that they have shown me your site, I LOVE IT! I went ahead and ordered myself 3 somethings the other day :) and a friend of mine is sending me a something for helping them out with something.

I just wanted to tell ya, that I love this idea, which I am sure I am not the only one that told ya this! I intend to order more somethings along the way, and at Christmas time, it will be great!.
Rhonda R. - Pennsylvania

I just wanted to tell you that I think your business/website is a FABULOUS idea! I ordered 5 "somethings" a week ago and they are sitting, unsealed, in my closet for my family to open on Christmas morning. My husband thought it was such a great idea that he wanted to do it for his family as well. So I just placed an order for 7 more "somethings" for us to open on New Year's Day! Although the anticipation is literally killing me, I think we can hold out for just a bit longer!

Thanks again for such an inventive concept! I will continue to do this in years to come!

Sherri & Michael Brown - Texas

I got a $50 necklace! amongst alot of other surpriseful things, and i love it. I buy somethings whenever I need a pick-me-up, or to play xmas games. Love it since absolutely NO ONE knows what was bought.
Andrea Schröer - California

Thank you for my 2 somethings. I loved the scarf/hat/gloves combo.
The multi-zipper pouch was a bit strange, but unique! I love your website!

Meghan Pemberton

Sweet! I got an iPod Shuffle!
Kyle DeVore - California

Thank you very much. I would like to tell you that has FANTASTIC customer support. Your time to reply to emails is impeccable, and I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Thanks again, and have a wonderful evening. Be on the lookout for more order from not only myself but my friends and family.
John Y.

This was a fun experience and I like what I received. We are thinking about using the for our office holiday gift giving! Thank you!
Jennifer C.

Just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful store. This has been a delightful experience all around. I'll be telling everyone I know to get themselves a little something! Please feel free to add my comments to your testimonials page.
Tara Blane - Portland, OR

Wonderful idea in so many ways, you may not even be aware of!
Susan O. - New Jersey

Today I got home and to my fantastic delight, my package from you guys had finally arrived. After weeks of telling all my friends how awesome your idea was and how cool it was that I was getting "something", it finally arrived today. I have never, ever in my life, past or future, have been, or ever will be, so excited to get an Aluminum Credit Card Case. I was ecstatic. I had a bad day at work, and you guys made it all better with an Aluminum Credit Card Case. Something that I will probably never use, but the experience from the day I heard about you and ordered from you, to the day I received my something has been great. Thanks for an entertaining couple of weeks with a more than stellar end. You guys rock, thank you for being awesome.
David Goss - Fitness Club Warehouse

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