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SomethingStore on Tosh.o  

See what happens when ComedyCentral's Tosh.O orders from
Watch the video.

NPR - SomethingStore Story

"SomethingStore Sends $10 Surprise to Your Door" by the National Public Radio (NPR).
Read the story.

CNN Money - Surprise in the mail
  "... There's that, plus -- who doesn't like getting a surprise in the mail? ..." Read the story.
BusinessWeek SomethingStore Mention
  "... company sends anyone a random product for $10, a concept Thrillist found "preposterous" but useful for gift-giving ..." Read the story.
Inc Magazine - America's Weirdest Businesses: SomethingStore
  "Pay $10, and it will ship you something. No telling what." Read the story.
PC Magazine - SomethingStore
  "Need a little random surprise in your life? Check out SomethingStore... " Read the story. (Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites)
Seattle Post Intelligencer  

"Get a surprise in the mail from this online store, which sends you something..." Read the story.

Gizmodo   "... way more fun than a gift card." Read the story.
  "Taking a wildly different tack from the net's ocean of super-focused retailers, SS's premise is simple: pay them 10 bones, and they'll send you...something " Read story here.
The Consumerist   "If you enjoy receiving mysterious packages with unknown contents, (control freaks with anxiety disorders, this store may not be for you,) meet the "Something Store. ..." Read the story.
New York Daily News  

" adds mystery to giving gifts by doing it for you" by NY Daily News. Read the story.

The Baltimore Sun
  "Surprises in store from the SomethingStore" Read the story.
  "Strange Things On The Internets" Attack of the Show by Olivia Munn & Kevin Pereira of G4TV. Watch the segment. (Story on 1:55 mark)
  " has captured that feeling of Christmas-morning excitement and turned it into a business." Read the story.
LA Times
  "Why don't you just get yourself a little something...something?" Read the story.
MSNBC - Clicked
"... I think it's a better idea if you send in ten bucks or buy the mystery bag for someone else. So it's a genuine surprise for all involved. ." Read the story.
"You give them $10, shipping included, and they send you something, anything, from their inventory.  It’s a surprise every time!" Read the story.
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